Information About the McLennan County Jail

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The McLennan County Jail, affectionately known in the local justice community as "Highway Six," is located at 3201 E. State Highway 6, Waco, TX 76705. The phone number is 254-757-2555. As soon as the recording starts talking, press "0-1-0" to bypass the long automated message and go right to a live human being. Also, you can click here for a listing of all the people who are currently incarcerated in real time.

Understanding Jail Credit

There always seem to be questions as to how the sheriff's office awards jail credit. First, it should be known that this decision does in fact fall completely within the purview of the sheriff's office, and the sheriff possesses complete discretion to make decisions regarding credit as he or she sees fit.

Also, crediting policies and procedures can change at any time without notice. Currently, the McLennan County Sheriff's Office is awarding two-for-one credit for those serving misdemeanor sentences. That means that for every day served, an inmate is awarded two days credit. So, if a person was required to serve a 60-day sentence, under present conditions that person would actually serve 30 days.

Now, an inmate who is designated a "trustee" will receive even more favorable credit. A trustee is one who is given a job and special permissions within the jail, like working in the cafeteria or in the laundry room. An inmate with trustee status will typically be given three-for-one credit. So, on that same 60-day sentence, a trustee would serve 20 days.

Policies Can Change, So Get Up-To-Date Information In A Free Consultation

While these crediting policies for time served have been in place for quite some time, please allow us to stress that the policies can change at any time. Therefore, information on this website is NOT a guarantee that, if you end up serving a jail sentence, you will be given two-for-one credit. It is important to note that the crediting of felony sentences is controlled by the Texas Department of Corrections and not the McLennan County Sheriff's office.

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