Helping You Recover After a Truck Accident

The aftermath of a serious truck accident can be devastating. The size of a commercial vehicle alone increases the risk that any crash involving a big rig will result in catastrophic injuries or worse. If you or your loved one has sustained an injury in a truck accident, it is important to seek legal help immediately.

At Sutton Milam & Fanning, PLLC, we provide comprehensive, compassionate guidance to accident victims and their families in Waco, Texas, and throughout McLennan County, who are seeking compensation through a personal injury claim. We understand the hardships that you face because of this incident, and we will fight to help you recover.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Federal laws regulating the trucking industry exist to keep everyone on the road safe. There are laws about how many consecutive hours a driver can be on the road, how frequently maintenance must be conducted on trucks and others. When these rules are not followed, they can lead to dangerous situations.

Truck accidents caused by drivers or trucking companies can be the result of:

  • Driver negligence, including driving while intoxicated or texting and driving
  • Insufficient training about how to operate the truck
  • Failure to conduct proper and regular maintenance on the truck
  • Failure to properly secure cargo
  • Operating a vehicle for too many consecutive hours

When you work with us, your attorney will carefully review your case and even bring in experts to help demonstrate that an accident was caused by the other driver. We strive to present your story — including the hardships you are now facing — in a way that is effective in getting you the compensation you deserve.

How a Claim Works

As your law firm, we will guide you through every step of the claim process. The first step is determining who is at fault and liable for the accident: the truck driver, the trucking company, the trucking company's insurance company, the truck manufacturer and others. It may be just one of these or all of them.

Next, we will assess the damage done to you. We will look at your past medical bills, your expected future medical bills, property damage, whether the accident affected your ability to work and other costs you incurred.

Then we will file a personal injury claim against the liable parties seeking compensation for the expenses you incurred. It is our goal to achieve a fair settlement on your behalf. If the insurance company or other liable parties refuse to be fair in their approach, we will be ready to fight for you in a trial.

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