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hilda-castillo I hired Seth to represent me on my DWI. He did a great job. What I was scared of in mycase is that during my traffic stop I got really nervous and so I did not look good while doing the sobriety tests. I knew that it was due to my nerves but I was worried that the jury would not believe me. But Seth believed me and encouraged me to go to trial. He called my family members to the stand and used them to explain how nervous I get. He walked the jury through it so clearly and precisely that, by the time he was done, the jury practically felt sorry for me that I had been wrongfully arrested! They came back with a verdict of NOT GUILTY.

lisa-panter I was going through a divorce that was taking forever. I was very dissatisfied with my attorney and knew that I needed to make a change. I had heard a lot of good things about David Fanning and had become increasingly disappointed that I had not hired him in the first place. Anyway, I fired my first attorney and hired David and it turned out to be a great decision. Immediately, it was obvious why I was hearing such great things about him. He was fantastic. I can honestly say that it was surprising that he cared as much about my case as he did. I never expected that from a lawyer. In court, I prevailed on every contested issue in the case. Thanks David!

img_0725 When the police lights lit up behind me, I didn't know what I was in for. I knew my rights though and didn't give the officer permission to search my vehicle. After placing me under arrest, the officer went ahead and searched my truck anyway. I had no idea what to do but I hired Seth and Jason to represent me. When Jason called me to tell me that he was filing a motion to get rid of the evidence, I was hopeful but didn't know what to expect. IT DID! About a week later, Jason called back to let me know that the prosecutors were dropping the case against me because the officer had searched my car illegally. I was so relieved and I didn't even have to set foot in a courtroom!

henry My case received a ton of media attention. It was all over the web that I had downloaded inappropriate pictures of young children. Also well documented was my reason for doing it. I was attempting to get a particularly evil website shut down. I was in the process of getting these pictures to our state representative at the time Chet Edwards.

The problem was that everyone with the state (police, prosecutors, etc.) thought I was lying. They treated me like I was some kind of pervert and just making excuses. No one really listened to me. Not even other lawyers that I talked to before Seth. They all sort of raised their eyebrows in a demeaning manner and just quoted a fee.

I'll never forget that day in 2007 when I walked into Seth's office. Finally, someone was hearing me. Someone was looking at me as a human being and not just a name and a charge on a paper. I cannot tell you how great that felt. I felt even better about Seth when he told me that he hadn't been an attorney too terribly long and he wanted to make sure I was ok with that. I knew that with that humble attitude, Seth was my guy!

Things got really hard as the media attention increased, but I drew comfort in knowing that my church, my son Chris and Seth were standing beside me. But even with that support, I was so afraid of the possibility of prison, that when the prosecutor offered probation, I jumped at it. Pleading guilty to something I didn't do was very difficult. But Seth never judged me for that. He said he understood and respected my decision.

But then came the shocker...Judge Matt Johnson did not accept my plea offer. So then my options became trial or accept a 100 year prison (10 years on each of 10 counts stacked). As scared as I was, that was still a pretty easy decision! So we began the process of preparing for trial. As we got closer to trial, it became clear that everyone who worked for the state...the police, the prosecutors the judge seemed to believe that it didn't matter why a person possesses the pornography...it you have it, you are guilty. But Seth assured me that he had fully researched the law and found that there was an exception if you really were going to turn it over to a legislator. He also told me he thought there would be some folks really surprised by this at trial!

At trial, Seth fought so hard for me. I will never forget other lawyers making sarcastic comments to him saying that he was crazy for thinking he had a chance. With members of my congregation in the hallway praying and Seth running the show, I had a real peace in my heart. At about 9:30 pm on the third day of trial, the judge declared a mistrial, a hung jury, 9-3 in favor of "not guilty." I learned then that the state has the opportunity to retry a case in this situation, but Seth had damaged their case badly enough on the record that they ended up dismissing it altogether a couple months later. I cannot tell you what a relief that was and how grateful I am to Seth Sutton.

img_0746 My friend is an attorney in Waco. I asked him who I should go to if I wanted to actually fight my DWI in court. He told me that I needed to hire Seth Sutton. Seth reviewed the evidence in my case and immediately told me that it was a good case for trial. He said he could make no guarantees, but that he really liked our chances at trial. I liked how confident he was.

A week before my trial, the DA's office offered to reduce the charge to Reckless Driving in exchange for a guilty plea. Seth put zero pressure on me to accept or reject the offer. It was tempting to take the offer in order to keep the DWI off of my record, but I just didn't want to plead guilty when I felt like I had done nothing wrong. So I decided to go ahead and reject it and proceed to trial. I was surprised to see how happy Seth was about my decision.

So you're probably reading this wondering how my trial turned out? Well, we'll never know. The state dismissed the case the Thursday before the trial was supposed to start. I really believe that if I did not have Seth, I would have ended up with a DWI conviction on my record...either I would not have had the confidence to reject the offer or I would have lost at trial. I'm a big believer in God and I give all the credit to Him, but I sure know who He used to get this done!

jessica-addison I hired Seth Sutton to represent me on my DWI charge. From the word "go" it was obvious that he knew his stuff. He immediately made me feel at ease during our initial meeting, which by the way was totally free and he never pressured me to hire him. But boy, I'm glad I did. We actually took my case to trial. It was amazing to watch him work during jury selection, cross examining the officer and especially his closing argument. The jury was right there with him the whole time and they found me NOT GUILTY! I may have lost my job... maybe even my whole career had I taken a DWI conviction. Seth really saved me!

jenny-teague When I first met with Seth to discuss my DWI, I thought he was going to tell me what every other lawyer was telling me... that with a 0.112 breath test, there was simply no way to fight it. But he didn't. He said we should still fight like hell. At first I thought maybe he was just talking big so that I would hire him. But I noticed that he spent twice as long with me as any other lawyer during the initial consultation and he asked so many more questions. Things like where I worked, what medications I took, whether I worked with chemicals. I just had a good feeling about it. So I took a chance on him and it worked. He brought in an expert to testify and he cross examined the state's scientist and did a great job. The jury found me NOT GUILTY even though I had that .112! I don't know anyone else that can say that. Hiring Seth was one of the best decisions I ever made.

robert-waters I hired Seth to represent me on my DWI because I liked his confidence. It was clear that he knew what he was doing from the very beginning. My case is a little bit funny because Seth actually told me that he didn't like our chances to win at trial, but would do whatever I wanted. I have always appreciated that. He gives his opinion on the case, but he does what the CLIENT says. So I told him that I believed in him and I wanted a trial. And sure enough, he went in there and won that thing. I was found NOT GUILTY. I think it shocked him a little bit! It was really cool to see how he could be so nice and respectful of the officer, but really destroy the credibility of the sobriety tests themselves.

img_0695 I was arrested and charged with DWI after going out to celebrate New Year's Eve with my wife. After talking with a few attorneys, it was a pretty easy decision to hire Seth Sutton and Jason Milam to represent me for it. The part that I was worried about was that I wasn't exactly truthful with the officer about having recently been at a bar. I hid that because I was nervous that they would just assume because of that, that I was drunk...which I was not. Of course, it backfired on me. The officers figured me out and then assumed I was drunk because I was hiding where I'd been! I couldn't win!! But Seth and Jason assured me that I had a good case for trial. They really seemed to care about my case and all that I had riding on it. So we went to trial and we won! The jury found me NOT GUILTY!

luke-lagrange I hired Seth to handle my DWI. I was arrested by State Trooper who tried to tried to make me sound and look bad by asking me some trick questions on the in-car video. I was worried that the jury might fall for that. But Seth told me not to worry about it. I tend to get nervous about things like this...so his steady and calm approach really helped me out a ton. It was great getting to watch Seth really put things in the proper light in front of the jury. By the time they came back with a verdict, it was no surprise when the judge read the words NOT GUILTY. Having Seth speak for me in such a way that was better than I could even speak for myself made me realize a couple of things. First, he really listened to me and heard me. Second, he's badass in trial!

misty-brown I had become incredibly frustrated. My divorce had dragged on for three years. My previous lawyer had become downright unresponsive. I began to wonder what was taking so long. I longed to have this page turned and get on with my life. When I expressed those frustrations to a friend, I was referred to David Fanning. David was fantastic. He swooped into action and had my divorce finalized in a matter of weeks. I cannot thank or recommend him enough!

trey-cavezza My case was a little strange. I got pulled over after working all day in 100 degree heat. I had a little to drink, and I struggled with the balance tests, but it was because I was exhausted and dehydrated. But nobody believed that. Not the arresting officer. Not the prosecutor. Even my first lawyer worked out a plea bargain and recommended I take it. I knew Seth socially and heard that he was really good. So I asked him about it. I'll never forget his answer. He said, "if you aren't guilty, don't plead guilty." It seemed so simple, but sorta revolutionary at the same time. I told him I was worried the jury wouldn't believe me either. He smiled and told me not to worry...that that was his job. Truth be told, I still worried. But sure enough, he told my story so vividly...made it come to life. Not only did the jury believe us and find me NOT GUILTY, they encouraged me to drink more water next time I'm working in the heat!

jeff-lawrence I was charged with a DWI and I took a friend's advice and scheduled a consultation with Seth. He was great. He and his partner Jason Milam spent a ton of time with me, asking really specific questions. They figured out from my answers that they believed the stop to be an illegal one. They walked me through the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution and how it works to protect citizens against illegal searches and seizures. Seth told me that we would likely be filing a motion to suppress to get the entire stop "thrown out." They did such a good job explaining it that I really felt like I was part of the process and really had a handle on what was going on. Then, a few weeks later, Seth called me up and told me that had gotten the case dismissed. Now for the crazy part...he told me that it had happened so quickly and easily that they were going to actually give some of the money back! I couldn't believe it...My family and I are so thankful.

tony-talbert I knew Seth personally so when we had a need, Seth was the only person we ever thought to call. He jumped right into action. Even met us up at his office on a Saturday morning so that we didn't have to wait until Monday. It's a scary thing as a dad to have your son facing criminal charges. It gave us peace and reassurance to know that Seth was taking care of our boy. Seth worked out a really good deal and walked my son through one of the toughest times in his life.

kyle-brown I hired Seth to represent me on my DWI because he spent so much time we me during the consult and really seemed to know his stuff. But what struck me the most was that I could text him questions about my case and DWI's in general and would always get back to me pretty quickly. Seth set my case for trial and the DA's office DISMISSED it a few days before my trial date.

I hired Seth Sutton and Jason Milam to represent me on my Assault Family Violence case. I was worried about going to trial because the District Attorney's office had pictures of my wife's face and there was a pretty good size knot on her forehead where I backhanded her trying to get her off of me, because she had started the altercation. My wife had called the District Attorney's office and asked them several times to drop the case, but they refused to listen to what she wanted. They seemed dead set on going after me and trying to make me look like a wife beater, which I am not. At trial, Seth and Jason made a great team. Seth would argue to the jury while Jason would argue to the judge. Seth would cross examine the witnesses while Jason worked to keep me involved in the trial, giving me a chance to give input throughout. In the end, the jury found me NOT GUILTY based on our self-defense argument. It was fantastic to have my story heard and to be well represented.

rosa I found myself charged with a DWI and was scared to death. I cannot tell you how much better I felt after initial, free consultation with Seth. He was so confident and calming that it really reassured me. I won't lie...I got really nervous when Seth set the case for trial. But he told me not to worry. That he really didn't think that DA's Office would try the case against him. I wanted to believe him, but I was still nervous. But sure enough, about a week before we were supposed to go to trial, they DISMISSED the case!

casey-smith During my initial consult with Seth Sutton, I was surprised how down-to-earth he was. I had heard that he was really good at his job, and so I guess I kind of expected him to be a little arrogant. But he seemed way more interested in who I was than who he was. I also appreciated that he gave me his cell phone number and was always just a text away. From the very beginning, Seth told me that he thought we had a really good chance at trial if the DA's office took it that far. Well, they didn't. They DISMISSED it a few days after my pretrial.