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Things to do and not do when helping kids cope with divorce

After you explain to your children that you and their other parent are planning to divorce, you will likely witness a wide and fluctuating range of emotions among them. One child might respond with anger and frustration that he or she may or may not direct at you. Another may internalize his or her feelings, perhaps growing a bit distant and spending more time alone. There will likely be times, however, when your children are willing to open up and share their hearts with you.

It's during such conversations that healing can take place and foundations set for moving on to a new and happy future together. When helping your children come to terms with your divorce, there are certain things that may be more beneficial than others.

Caught stealing red-handed or did charges come out of the blue?

Anyone could make an honest mistake that has negative repercussions. Unfortunately, some mistakes have bigger consequences than others, and you could potentially face criminal charges if someone suspects that your mistake was actually intentional. As a result, you could find yourself needing to defend against such allegations in order to keep your name and reputation clear.

One situation that could result in unexpected chargesĀ is shoplifting. This type of crime has some blurry areas, and you may feel completely caught off guard when a person accuses you of attempting to carry out such an act. If you have recently found yourself in this predicament, you may want to find out more information on what may have caused the situation to come about.

Info on Texas DWI laws may help you better understand charges

Dealing with a charge for DWI can seem complicated. True, this predicament does have many facets that will need exploring, and your situation will likely differ from other cases, even those with similar details. Therefore, focusing on your own case and understanding the factors involved could help you determine how to approach the legal proceedings in a meaningful manner.

Because DWI laws can vary in different areas, learning more about Texas DWI laws may work in your best interests. This information could help you understand how the circumstances of your arrest -- or the arrest of your child if a minor faces allegations -- could impact the charges and subsequent legal endeavors.

Is your minor facing a major legal issue?

As a parent, you certainly want your child to have beneficial experiences and live a happy life. Though you likely also hope that your child will make good choices, children can often experience lapses in good judgment. If serious enough, making the wrong choice or being in the wrong place at the wrong time could result in your child facing a serious legal situation.

If your child faces criminal charges as a minor, you will undoubtedly want to ensure that you know what your child may face during juvenile legal proceedings and what decisions you may need to make on his or her behalf. Therefore, you may want to know more about the juvenile court process.

4 tips for discussing a prenuptial agreement

Getting married can be one of the many highlights of your life. As you prepare to walk down the aisle, you may have many details you hope to finish in order to make your day as perfect as possible. While you may want to only focus on the bright and positive aspects of your choice to wed, other less exciting details may also need addressing.

What should you do if your future spouse broaches the topic of a prenuptial agreement? Initially, you may feel shocked and confused as to why he or she would bring up a document used in divorce. However, you may want to take the time to consider the request as it could prove beneficial for both of you.

Involved in an injury-causing crash? Contact emergency services

After a car crash, your head may start to reel. You may understandably feel disoriented and even in pain if injuries resulted from the accident. If you have never been involved in a collision before, you may not know the first steps to take when addressing the situation. By remaining as calm as possible, you may have the ability to handle it effectively.

Because safety remains a top priority after a car accident, one of the first steps you will certainly want to take relates to assessing any potential injuries that may have occurred. This includes injuries to yourself, your passengers and any other parties involved in the crash.

A QDRO? What does that even mean and why do I need it?

During the divorce process, you deal with numerous issues regarding the division of the property you and your spouse accumulated during the marriage. Texas is a community property state, so the courts begin with the assumption that each of you owns all property jointly. You will more than likely spend a significant amount of time determining what property comprises the marital estate and what property belongs to each of you separately.

One of the assets you may deal with is an employment-related retirement account, such as a 401(k) or pension. You may not want to part with even one dollar of your account, but if you spent your marriage building up that account, at least the portion of it accumulated during the marriage belongs to the marital estate. Therefore, you may end up giving a portion of it to your spouse as part of your divorce settlement.

Is drowsy driving as dangerous as distracted driving?

Any time a driver is not truly focused on the task at hand while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle, it is dangerous not only for the driver but also for every other person on the road. Many times, a lack of focus is the result of using a phone or talking with a passenger, but sometimes, it is the result of fatigue.

Many people do not understand the serious nature of fatigued driving, but in reality, it can cause accidents, detrimental injuries and even death. If you were hurt in a car accident that you believe was caused by a fatigued driver or Texas driver who was physically or mentally unable to drive safely at the time, you have the right and the option to seek financial compensation through a civil claim. 

Retirement and divorce: what's going to happen to my savings?

Divorce will certainly have a long-reaching impact on various areas of your life, including your finances. In addition to spousal support and child support, you will find that it will affect your long-term financial situation as your divorce may also require the division of retirement assets.

The impact of divorce is long reaching, which means that you would be wise to consider the long-term ramifications of any decisions you make, not just the short-term. While marital assets are subject to division in a Texas divorce, it does not necessarily mean that you must set aside your long-held dreams for your golden years.

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