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November 2017 Archives

Things to do and not do when helping kids cope with divorce

After you explain to your children that you and their other parent are planning to divorce, you will likely witness a wide and fluctuating range of emotions among them. One child might respond with anger and frustration that he or she may or may not direct at you. Another may internalize his or her feelings, perhaps growing a bit distant and spending more time alone. There will likely be times, however, when your children are willing to open up and share their hearts with you.

Caught stealing red-handed or did charges come out of the blue?

Anyone could make an honest mistake that has negative repercussions. Unfortunately, some mistakes have bigger consequences than others, and you could potentially face criminal charges if someone suspects that your mistake was actually intentional. As a result, you could find yourself needing to defend against such allegations in order to keep your name and reputation clear.

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