Info on Texas DWI laws may help you better understand charges

Dealing with a charge for DWI can seem complicated. True, this predicament does have many facets that will need exploring, and your situation will likely differ from other cases, even those with similar details. Therefore, focusing on your own case and understanding the factors involved could help you determine how to approach the legal proceedings in a meaningful manner.

Because DWI laws can vary in different areas, learning more about Texas DWI laws may work in your best interests. This information could help you understand how the circumstances of your arrest -- or the arrest of your child if a minor faces allegations -- could impact the charges and subsequent legal endeavors.

Blood alcohol concentration

One of the biggest factors involved in a DWI case relates to the blood alcohol concentration level. For adults over the age of 21, the legal BAC limit caps at .08 percent. This limit also falls under the "per se" limit, which means that if your BAC reaches or exceeds this amount, authorities can consider you intoxicated without additional evidence.

If you have concerns regarding a DWI charge due to your underage child having this allegation brought against him or her, you may need to know that a .02 percent BAC limit applies to underage drivers. This low level means that even if your child had a minimal amount of alcohol, he or she could still face a serious charge.

Those numbers do not cover every area in which BAC may play a role in DWI charges. If your BAC level reaches or exceeds .15 percent, the allegation becomes an aggravated DWI charge. This enhancement means that you could face more severe penalties if a conviction takes place.

Implied consent

State law also includes implied consent to take a BAC test. This law means that if you refuse to take a breath test or other test that could measure your blood alcohol concentration, you face automatic penalties. Typically, that consequence results in a 180-day suspension of your driver's license.

DWI defense

When creating a defense for yourself or understanding options for your child, the more information you have, the more confident you may feel. Because feeling uncertain about state laws and legal options can often make a situation feel even more daunting, you may wish to explore viable avenues for obtaining reliable legal information that pertains to your specific set of circumstances.

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