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An arrest is one of the most unsettling and potentially terrifying experiences a person may endure in his or her life. Here is a situation where your entire future is on the line, and the things you say and do from this point on may dramatically impact your freedom.

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Make sure you have a knowledgeable Waco criminal defense attorney to protect your constitutional rights from the very beginning. Whether you have been formally charged or have been informally accused of a criminal offense, you may be in danger of facing imprisonment and other serious penalties if you are eventually tried and convicted.

Serving clients in Waco, Lorena, at Baylor University, and across McLennan County, Sutton Milam & Fanning, PLLC is committed to providing the level of dedicated, bold criminal defense counsel you need. We represent clients facing a range of charges, including marijuana possession, DWI, theft, sexual assault, domestic violence, homicide, and more.

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Dedicated Criminal Defense Counsel in McLennan County

In our experience representing clients across McLennan County, our Waco criminal defense lawyers can offer knowledgeable insight to help you make informed choices about your case. Because we offer a free initial consultation, we put you in a position where you can take a proactive approach to your criminal charges – at no cost or obligation.

Although every situation is unique, we can offer two key tips if you have been accused of a crime:

  • Do not talk about your case.
  • Involve an attorney as soon as you can.

Do not post on social media about your case, do not discuss it with friends, family members, or co-workers. Do not agree to questioning by law enforcement without your attorney present. Involve a legal professional as soon as you can, before you unintentionally harm your case in any way and before your rights are jeopardized. Taking these steps can positively influence your case and therefore your future.

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