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Fight Back Against False Sex Crime Allegations in McLennan County

Whether you are charged with sexual assault or another sex crime, you probably know that the toughest part of your case is getting a fair trial. It's likely that you have already begun to feel judgment and scorn from people around you. The detectives, the arresting officer, and even the jailers probably all looked at you like you are guilty and, quite frankly, worthless.

Not here. At Sutton Milam & Fanning, PLLC, we will fight vigorously to defend you and your name while protecting your privacy to the best of our ability. Your Waco sexual assault attorney will be the first part of the process where you are truly heard and respected. The presumption of innocence is not something that we reserve for the courtroom. It applies to you in our eyes the moment you walk through our front door.

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Challenging Sexual Assault Allegations

With any type of sexual assault case, it is important to immediately involve an attorney who can challenge allegations – even if formal charges have not been filed. The earlier our Waco sexual assault lawyers can get involved, the sooner we can begin protecting your interests. We represent Baylor University students and clients who live and work in Waco, Lorena, and all of McLennan County.

When you work with our team, we will consider any potential defenses against your charges, such as:

  • Mistaken identity
  • Alibi (you were not where the victim claims you were)
  • Insufficient physical evidence
  • False allegations made for reasons of anger, jealousy, etc.

Keeping Your Situation Confidential

Another concept that we take seriously is attorney/client privilege. This means that anything you tell us during the process of trying to decide whether you want to hire us is absolutely confidential. That is important to us. And remember ... this is why we don't say "Hello" if we run into you in public. We respect your privacy.

It is always true in any criminal defense case, but especially in sex crime cases: DO NOT talk about your case. To anyone. Don't tweet about it. Don't post about it. Don't even think too loudly about it. You likely already know how facts can be twisted around to harm you. Well the same is true for every word you utter.

Set Up a Consultation with Our Waco Trial Lawyers

There are many different specific variations of a sexual assault charge. Likewise, the ranges of punishment can vary dramatically. Schedule a consultation with our Waco sexual assault defense attorneys, and we will walk you through exactly what you are facing and how we would approach your defense.

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