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The aftermath of a car accident can be overwhelming and confusing. Knowing what to do after a crash can help you stay calm and ensure any legal process that follows is not unnecessarily hindered. As Waco car accident lawyers with considerable experience handling these matters, we can offer helpful guidance that can lead you toward better decisions that positively impact your ability to recover full compensation after any type of traffic accident.

Although every case may be different, we can offer the following general steps to take after a car accident:

  • Stay at the scene. It is very important to remain at the scene of a crash until police have arrived and told you it is okay to leave. If someone was injured, call an ambulance.
  • Collect contact information from others involved. If you can, collect the name, phone number, address, and insurance information from any other drivers involved in the accident. If there are witnesses around, it can also be helpful to ask for their contact information as well.
  • Take pictures of the damage. Documenting the effects of a car wreck can be extremely helpful when working out a personal injury settlement. Take pictures of any injuries you sustained, damage to your vehicle or poor road conditions.
  • Get medical attention. Your health should always be a priority after a crash. In the aftermath of a wreck, it is common for people to not immediately realize the extent of their injuries. Even if you're not sure you were injured, it is good to see a doctor just to be safe. Establishing medical records related to your accident is also a good idea if you choose to pursue a personal injury claim later on.
  • If you were injured, continue to see your doctor regularly. Gaps in your medical history can make it appear as though you have recovered, even if you have not.
  • Keep track of medical records. Whenever you see your doctor or receive a bill, keep track of what you owed, what your doctor said about your condition, and any medications that were prescribed. All of this information will help support a claim for compensation. The better your records, the better chance you will have of securing compensation.
  • Do not talk to an insurance company or admit fault. Never say you are sorry or admit to doing something wrong after a car accident. It can expose you to legal liability. This is particularly important when you are talking with an insurance company. Any admission of fault may be used against you in a settlement. In general, it is best to say nothing to an insurance company — even your own — unless your Waco car accident lawyer is present. The insurance company has its own best interests in mind, not yours.
  • Talk to a personal injury lawyer. Many people do not realize how expensive car accidents are. Many victims deal with more than just property damage costs. Medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses can make the aftermath of a crash financially challenging. At Sutton Milam & Fanning, PLLC, we can help you seek the compensation you need to recover physically and financially.

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